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07 Nov '18


Posted by Kelly Hvitløk


Hello, Friends!

We've been quiet for the past few weeks because we've been working hard on some important changes.  

First of all, thank you to everyone who completed our survey! Your voice has been heard loud and clear and its a direct result of those responses that we are here to announce the following:



You may have noticed some logos, posts, and packaging have changed in the last few months.  That's because SoCo is getting a face lift!  You may still see some old style labels, web listings, etc. but we are in the process of changing everything over to our new style.  We love it and hope you will, too!  


Charitable Giving:

We will be selecting more short term/monthly organizations and causes to devote attention and donations to.  If you have a suggestion of a group or cause that could use our attention, please let us know!


Seasonal Fragrances:

The most common question we get is "when will ___________ be back!?" followed by quiet complaint of the seasonal model of release.  We hear you!  We have good news... and bad news.  The good news is, we will be working to get EVERY fragrance in the SoCo catalog available YEAR ROUND!  Yay!  However, we have been struggling with the bad news for many months.  Several of the fragrances have issues.  Some (specifically the Carnival Fall line) recipes never made it through the transition of ownership.  We have searched high and low but as of now, those fragrances are gone indefinitely.    We know, this is disappointing.  We have been dwelling on this issue for a many weeks and in the end, we can't make something that doesn't exist and we have to accept that.  Several of the other fragrances that have yet to reappear (much of the Hamilton line) have sourcing issues as well.  All of our fragrances are composed of a long list of notes from very specific sources.  Some of those sources no longer produce the notes we need.  We are still working to find compatible replacements but its a slow process.  We will be doing our absolute best to bring back your favorites as we are able!  



We've noticed that we sell more roll ons and samples than ANY other product (by a LONG shot!)  One of the questions in our survey was 'what item would you not buy/have no interest in?'  Other than the roll ons and samples, EVERY other product got at least a half dozen votes.  We have been facing issues with some of these items based on the following--

1.)  Seasonal Consistency- SoCo has now been based in FOUR states on opposite sides of the country, both our home base and YOUR home bases vary so widely in temperature it has become difficult to ensure that items like whipped soaps arrive in the condition we expect.  

2.)  Shipping issues -  The shopify system isn't perfect and though we have strived to weigh, measure and package as carefully as possible, we have gotten reports of issues with the post of the products.  These items also cost more to ship, a cost shared by both SoCo AND you, the customer.  

3.)  Cost - With the costs of shipping, amount of fragrance these items use, and more, we have come to realize that the price would have to significantly rise on many products to warrant their continued use.  

That said, we have made the difficult decision to cut back our product line and focus on our fragrances first and foremost.  HOWEVER!  If you're a hair serum or sugar scrub lover, you will still be able to purchase these items!  We will be making custom orders which can be purchased through the custom fragrance option.  You can request any currently available fragrance for these products or a custom creation for the same cost.  If you are one of the dedicated customers who has a favorite we will no longer be offering at the reduced cost, now is the time to reach out to us.  Either email socosmellsnice@gmail.com or DM us on instagram.  We will set you up with a discount code so you can continue to purchase your favorites without having to pay the increased custom cost in full.  We value your loyalty and we don't want to leave you without your favorites!


Other, FUN News:

1.)  Please join our exclusive facebook group at:


Per comments, we will be providing more offers and early information there EXCLUSIVELY!  You do not want to miss out!

2.)  New themes are coming!  You told us you wanted everything from witchy/mystical, Potter, vintage, simple fragrances and whoa some amazing write ins! We are excited to be working on these!  If you EVER have an idea, don't hesitate to share it with us, we love hearing your input!

3.)  We are working on 'full strength' items.  Undiluted fragrance oils can be added to some of your favorites at home - unscented lotions, your DIY projects and even your diffusers. We are currently in the testing phase of this and welcome any feedback!



As always, we value you and want to thank you for your help and support.  Southern Comforts may be evolving, but we strive to keep its core the same!


Though we NARROWLY missed the 50 responses, if you've read this far...

use code SOCOEVOLVES for a 20% discount on your purchase through 11/15!



- Kelly 


15 Mar '18


Posted by Kelly Hvitløk

Good morning, good afternoon and/or goodnight, SoCo fans!

I'm writing this post to talk about the shift of SoCo ownership and what that means for YOU.

Lets start with the important details - Things that will never change!

-Southern Comforts Fragrance will remain a VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE company!

-Southern Comforts Fragrance will continue to donate (at least) 5% of profits to charity!


We hold the same values that were originally formed with this line and will do everything in our power to make sure they continue.  While these factors are absolute, there will be some changes happening.  We hope you are as excited about them as we are!


-Packaging WILL be changing!  - from packing materials to labels to containers, the packaging will be changing over the coming months.  We are in the process of rebranding and will be slowly phasing out the old and replacing with the new.  Consider your 'old' branding to be a blast from the soon to be past and enjoy it!

-Greener packaging is in the works!  We have decided to make an even greater effort to go eco-friendly with our packaging.  This will mean less (and hopefully NO) plastic packaging in the near future.  Our packing peanuts are soon to be biodegradable and we hope to invest in paper, biodegradable, recylcable and otherwise more eco-friendly packing processes.  

-The fragrances are getting a makeover!  The amazing scents you know and love will remain, but more may be added soon!  We are excited to share the new vision while continuing to enjoy the Southern Comforts core.  Fragrances may vary slightly due to the shift in ownership and production but rest assured, we take the process seriously and will always do our best to make sure your favorites are recreated lovingly.  We are a hand crafted business and that means we will experience some variation between batches/creations. We consider this to be a joy of creation and expression and hope you will feel the same! 


No matter what happens, we hope you will feel free to reach out to us at socosmellsnice@gmail.com with any questions, issues, concerns or comments.  We know that transition times can be difficult and we want to serve you in the most consistent way possible.  Thank you for your support and we hope you continue with us on this journey!

13 Apr '17

Let's Talk Cruelty Free and Vegan Cosmetics!!

Posted by Allison Solomon-Wales

Let's Talk Cruelty Free and Vegan Cosmetics!!

Hey loves, Allison here! For those who don't know me, I am the head fragrance engineer and all-around boss lady here at SoCo Fragrance. Nice to meet ya! Here are five facts about me, just for funsies: I moonlight as a PhD student in Human Geography with a Food Studies minor, and I teach undergraduates about the modern food system; I live in Bloomington IN with three dogs and Moonpie, the world's best cat (seriously, if you don't already follow @southern.comforts on IG, it's worth it just for Moonpie pics); I have over 50 tattoos, including a big ol cartoon portrait of Dolly Parton; I can't live without tacos, especially if they involve sweet potatoes; and I love animals and believe strongly in animal rights!

Because I love animals so much, keeping SoCo vegan and cruelty free is the most important thing to me (along with awesome scents, of course). So let's chat about what that really means! 

First of all, vegan =/= cruelty free.

Vegan means no animal byproducts whatsoever are in the products or packaging. That means no beeswax, honey, carmine, and a ton of other sneaky ingredients like lanolin, which comes from sheep's wool. However, even though vegan products protect animals by not exploiting them for ingredients, it doesn't mean that the company (or the corporation that owns the company) doesn't use animal testing in their product development.

Cruelty-free cosmetics, when done right, don't use any animal testing. Because it isn't currently a regulated term, meaning there's no official agency that ensures products are actually cruelty-free, it sometimes gets thrown around casually. Sometimes companies say "cruelty-free" and mean "I didn't put any on my pets" or "I don't know if my ingredients are tested on animals, so they must not be". To each their own, but for me and for SoCo the term cruelty-free means that certain specific requirements are met.

Here are some important questions to ask when looking into whether a big name or indie makeup brand is truly cruelty-free:

Are any of the finished products tested on animals by your company/brand, a parent company, a third party, an affiliate, or anyone else?

Are the products tested on animals during production by your company/brand, a parent company, a third party, an affiliate, or anyone else?

Are any ingredients used in the products tested on animals by your company, a parent company, a third party, an affiliate, or anyone else?

Are any ingredients used in the products required to be tested on animals, by law or otherwise?
Do your ingredient suppliers test ingredients on animals that are used for other brands they also supply, even if these ingredients are not used for your company/brand?
Does your company/brand test or allow for parties to test your products on animals, at any stage pre or post market, to comply with various legal requirements? 

Does this brand sell any products in areas where animal testing is required, by law or otherwise?

Are any of the products sold in areas where animal testing is required, by law or otherwise, such as China?
Are any of your products shipping via ecommerce sales into regions where animal testing is required, such as China?

We can proudly say that SoCo meets all the criteria for being both vegan and cruelty free! Absolutely no animals are harmed in any way to make your smell goods when you order from us. That means you can smell amazing and feel amazing about doing the right thing for our non-human friends! 
While there are no official agencies who regulate cruelty-free status, there are several groups and blogs that are trusted to varying degrees. We are certified by both PETA and Leaping Bunny, and many individual bloggers, such as XoLoveLeti and WifeLife, have ensured that we meet their CF (cruelty free) criteria. Logical Harmony, commonly referred to as LH, also has a trusted list of CF brands, and we are on their pending list. However, they prefer to work with big-name brands, so it's taken over a year just to get to pending. 
There's a ton more info out there, but hopefully this was a helpful overview of vegan and cruelty-free, and of what that means to SoCo and to me! 
Have questions? Suggestions for people looking to go cruelty-free? Just want to say hi? Leave us a comment below or on the FB page! Let's chat cruelty free cosmetics. 

Planned Parenthood
Red Rover