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15 Mar '18


Posted by Kelly Hvitløk

Good morning, good afternoon and/or goodnight, SoCo fans!

I'm writing this post to talk about the shift of SoCo ownership and what that means for YOU.

Lets start with the important details - Things that will never change!

-Southern Comforts Fragrance will remain a VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE company!

-Southern Comforts Fragrance will continue to donate (at least) 5% of profits to charity!


We hold the same values that were originally formed with this line and will do everything in our power to make sure they continue.  While these factors are absolute, there will be some changes happening.  We hope you are as excited about them as we are!


-Packaging WILL be changing!  - from packing materials to labels to containers, the packaging will be changing over the coming months.  We are in the process of rebranding and will be slowly phasing out the old and replacing with the new.  Consider your 'old' branding to be a blast from the soon to be past and enjoy it!

-Greener packaging is in the works!  We have decided to make an even greater effort to go eco-friendly with our packaging.  This will mean less (and hopefully NO) plastic packaging in the near future.  Our packing peanuts are soon to be biodegradable and we hope to invest in paper, biodegradable, recylcable and otherwise more eco-friendly packing processes.  

-The fragrances are getting a makeover!  The amazing scents you know and love will remain, but more may be added soon!  We are excited to share the new vision while continuing to enjoy the Southern Comforts core.  Fragrances may vary slightly due to the shift in ownership and production but rest assured, we take the process seriously and will always do our best to make sure your favorites are recreated lovingly.  We are a hand crafted business and that means we will experience some variation between batches/creations. We consider this to be a joy of creation and expression and hope you will feel the same! 


No matter what happens, we hope you will feel free to reach out to us at socosmellsnice@gmail.com with any questions, issues, concerns or comments.  We know that transition times can be difficult and we want to serve you in the most consistent way possible.  Thank you for your support and we hope you continue with us on this journey!

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