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Eau de Parfum

Our all-time best selling fragrances are all now available in super limited quantities as Eau de Parfum!

This alcohol-based fragrance comes in a stunning 60ml frosted square glass bottle with a deep red Victorian atomizer. It is safe to spray on hair and clothing!

Fragrance options:

Candy Cove: ( Notes: sweet ocean breezes, blue and pink cotton candy, vanilla saltwater taffy, and juicy red candy apples) Imagine walking down the boardwalk on a warm, sunny day, smelling the sweet scents coming from your favorite candy shoppe... that's where Candy Cove will take you! This scent is primarily delicious candy notes, but the sweetness is perfectly balanced by the realistic aquatics. Perfect for candy lovers who want something wearable and adult, but still sugary and delicious!

The Fortune Teller: (Notes: Dark chocolate oranges, espresso, nag champa, carnation, dark musk) She can see your past and your future in her crystal ball- ask her if you dare. The Fortune Teller’s tent is thick with incense smoke, steam from her espresso, and the lingering scent of carnations and chocolate oranges brought to her by admirers and those who seek to find out what secrets she may know.

Darlin’ (floral, gourmand, girly): peach candy, sunscreen, violet, wild rose, day lilly, vanilla
“A sweet and sassy combination; sweet peach candy and sunscreen paired perfectly with creamy floral notes. As close as you can get to youth in a bottle!”

Mama Tried (floral, non-gourmand vanilla): four vanillas, blended whisky, gardenia, honeysuckle
“For the one and only rebel child, this adventurous combination of whisky, french vanilla, honeysuckle, and gardenia is anything but meek and mild.”

West Memphis Sweater Weather (gourmand): white chocolate, coffee, whipped cream, toasted bread, french vanilla, wood, amber

“Fog rolling in over a Smoky Mountain cabin calls for a lazy morning with a sweet, creamy white chocolate mocha and your favorite fuzzy sweater.”

Abuela's Holiday Kitchen: (Notes: Dark chocolate, cinnamon, chili powder, black coffee, bread, brown sugar, amber, black musk. ) Abuela's kitchen on Christmas eve always smells like spicy Mexican hot chocolate for the kids, steamy black coffee for the grownups, and rosca de reyes, a traditional holiday sweet bread. This fragrance is sure to keep you smelling warm and sweet, with a nice little spicy kick!

Charlotte Sunshine (gourmand, floral, citrus): lemon wedges, tea, sugar, gardenia blossoms, gardenia tree leaves
“Nothing captures the pleasures of summer like a cold glass of sweet tea with lemon and the warm, succulent scent of gardenia in the air.”

Baby Cakes (floral, gourmand): orange blossom accord, buttercream icing, vanilla cake, bergamot, birthday candles
“Grandma used to make vanilla layer cake with orange blossom icing for all of my birthdays in Charleston. She always served it with Earl Grey tea. I created this fragrance as a birthday gift to myself this year, to remind me of her.”

International orders are at your own risk as customs may confiscate this product.

Ingredients: Perfumers alcohol, fragrance oil

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