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All 5 SoCo's Carnival Fabulon Belle of the Balm body butters with collectable label art!

All 5 SoCo's Carnival Fabulon Belle of the Balm body butters with collectable label art!

$ 70.00 

All five 10ml Belle of the Balm body butters in the Carnival Fabulon in one package! This way you get all the amazing Moonpie labels and all the amazing smells! Moonpie said we had to mark these sets down, and we obey the Feline Overlords. 

The scents: 

The Bearded Lady: (Notes: leather, warm amber, blood orange liqueur, spiced cider, dry hay) She’s sexy and tough at the same, and says eff your beauty standards. The bearded lady wears leather and lace, drinks hot apple cider with a hefty shot of orange liqueur in it, and reads romance novels in haystacks when she can get away from the carnival.

The Conjoined Twins: (Notes: ozone, dirt, petrichor, vetiver, oppoponax, oakmoss, lychee, peach, hydrangea, dahlia) They will never see eye to eye. One loves long walks in stormy cemeteries, and the other likes fresh fruit and flowers. The Conjoined Twins may be opposites, but together they are strange and beautiful.

The Tattooed Woman: (Notes: Mexican vanilla, lily, Asian pear, pink peppercorn, cardamom, sweet smoke) Stunning and mysterious, she’s definitely an attention grabber. The Tattooed Woman’s tent smells like dark vanilla, rich florals, exotic fruit and spices, and trails of incense smoke.

The Tunnel of Love: (Notes: Dark water, wet wood, caramel corn, strawberry lip gloss, motor oil) Take a ride with your best gal through the winding waters. The Tunnel of Love is a nostalgic journey in a wooden heart shaped boat through dark water, with fresh caramel corn to snack on between strawberry flavored kisses.

The Fortune Teller: (Notes: Dark chocolate oranges, espresso, nag champa, carnation, dark musk) She can see your past and your future in her crystal ball- ask her if you dare. The Fortune Teller’s tent is thick with incense smoke, steam from her espresso, and the lingering scent of carnations and chocolate oranges brought to her by admirers and those who seek to find out what secrets she may know.

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