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cute gift

Bathing Beauty gift set! 9oz foaming sugar scrub, 9oz Gummy Bear bubble bath, and 5oz Silky Skin hand & body lotion.

$ 35.00

Vegan bath and body gift set! You pick the scent.

  • Full size Cake Batter foaming sugar scrub
  • Gummy Bear Bubble Bath  
  • Silky Skin hand and body lotion.
  • A $47 value!

Current options-


Spring 2017:

Beach Peach: (Notes: fresh ocean breezes and fresh juicy Georgia peaches, with a touch of candied peach skin) Nothing spells summer like seaside vacations and juicy Georgia peaches. This scent is a perfect blend of delicious and atmospheric; not too sweet, but not too aquatic. Perfect for peach lovers and anyone looking for a realistic, but pretty, ocean note.

Seaside Citrus: (Notes: crisp ocean breezes and exotic citrus. Yuzu, ruby red grapefruit, candied lime, combava peel, blood orange, and mandarinFresh citrus and seaside breezes are a match made in heaven! This scent is truly unisex with a variety of bright, fresh citrus notes with just a touch of sweetness, balanced with the clean, atmospheric scent of warm salty air. So refreshing!

Candy Cove: ( Notes: sweet ocean breezes, blue and pink cotton candy, vanilla saltwater taffy, and juicy red candy apples) Imagine walking down the boardwalk on a warm, sunny day, smelling the sweet scents coming from your favorite candy shoppe... that's where Candy Cove will take you! This scent is primarily delicious candy notes, but the sweetness is perfectly balanced by the realistic aquatics. Perfect for candy lovers who want something wearable and adult, but still sugary and delicious! 

Driftwood: (Notes: ark ocean breezes, mahogany, cedar, and a touch of pine) What would a sexy, sexy merman smell like? Probably this atmospheric unisex-to-rugged blend of dark ocean waters and sun-dried wood! This scent is atmospheric and aquatic, but grounded perfectly with the rich wood notes. So much more than the sum of its parts, this scent is rich, dimensional, and very sexy. Perfect for mermen or any merperson who loves a more woodsy, deep fragrance. 

Sea Berry: (Notes: warm ocean breezes, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry) What's more refreshing than eating fresh, juicy, ripe mixed berries on the porch of a beautiful beach house? This fragrance is the next best thing. Sweet, juicy, aquatic... this scent is so fresh, light, and beautiful, just like a bowl of ripe berries by the sea! 



SoCo's Carnival Fabulon:

The Bearded Lady: (Notes: leather, warm amber, blood orange liqueur, spiced cider, dry hay) She’s sexy and tough at the same, and says eff your beauty standards. The bearded lady wears leather and lace, drinks hot apple cider with a hefty shot of orange liqueur in it, and reads romance novels in haystacks when she can get away from the carnival.

The Conjoined Twins: (Notes: ozone, dirt, petrichor, vetiver, oppoponax, oakmoss, lychee, peach, hydrangea, dahlia) They will never see eye to eye. One loves long walks in stormy cemeteries, and the other likes fresh fruit and flowers. The Conjoined Twins may be opposites, but together they are strange and beautiful.

The Tattooed Woman: (Notes: Mexican vanilla, lily, Asian pear, pink peppercorn, cardamom, sweet smoke) Stunning and mysterious, she’s definitely an attention grabber. The Tattooed Woman’s tent smells like dark vanilla, rich florals, exotic fruit and spices, and trails of incense smoke.

The Tunnel of Love: (Notes: Dark water, wet wood, caramel corn, strawberry lip gloss, motor oil) Take a ride with your best gal through the winding waters. The Tunnel of Love is a nostalgic journey in a wooden heart shaped boat through dark water, with fresh caramel corn to snack on between strawberry flavored kisses.

The Fortune Teller: (Notes: Dark chocolate oranges, espresso, nag champa, carnation, dark musk) She can see your past and your future in her crystal ball- ask her if you dare. The Fortune Teller’s tent is thick with incense smoke, steam from her espresso, and the lingering scent of carnations and chocolate oranges brought to her by admirers and those who seek to find out what secrets she may know.


Pretty scents:

Coat of Many Colors (creamy, fruity gourmand): Fresh apricot jam, osmanthus flowers, white chocolate, coffee, whipped cream, toasted bread, french vanilla, wood, amber.

"What to wear when you love West Memphis Sweater Weather but want something a little brighter? This beautiful apricot scent! Imagine drinking a white mocha and eating toast with homemade apricot jam on the porch of a cozy cabin surrounded by changing trees on a crisp morning. "

You're Lookin' At Country (sweet, fruity): Juicy peach, exotic combava peel, strawberry hard candy.

"A clean citrus fragrance wafts through the room, mingling with the scent of fresh ripe Georgia peaches sitting on a country kitchen counter next to a glass jar of old fashioned strawberry candy. Loretta Lynn is on the radio, and it's a perfect spring afternoon.”

I Fall To Pieces (floral, mainstream perfume): Peony, rose, British coriander leaf, black currant, white musk.
"The delicate scent of peonies intertwines with the romantic aroma of fresh cut roses combined with a hint of spice from British coriander, a dash of crisp juicy black currants and finally easing softly into a sultry light white musk which will have you falling to pieces like the ballad from Pasty Cline.”

The Night The Lights Went Out (rich dark citrus): Honey tangerine EO, lavender, dark vanilla, tonka.
"The deliciously sweet and slightly tart citrus aroma of honey tangerines combines with the light herbal scent of lavender and the richness of tonka bean, rounded out with dark, sexy vanilla.”

Woman Enough To Take My Man (gourmand, honey): Honey, honeycomb, almond, brown sugar, white tea, ginger.
"The sensual scent of honey intertwines with the richness of almond and hazlenut, kissed with the lingering scent of brown sugar and a touch of spicy ginger. Super bold, a little sweet, and little naughty, just like Loretta Lynn herself!
Woman Enough is a morpher! It goes from a very sweet almond, to a lightly spicy honey, to a complete honey bomb. It's a sexy adventure!"

Grandma Odene’s House (gourmand): almond, pound cake, milky coffee, peach preserves
“Evoke the nostalgia and comfort of home with this unique blend.  It is the next best thing to sharing old photos and fond memories over creamy coffee and a plate of homemade pound cake topped with grandma’s peach preserves.”

Aunt Bessie's Bunnies (floral, gourmand): creamy violet candy, pound cake batter, geranium, marshmallow fluff
“A joyful, sunny and innocent blend of flowers and treats creates a vibrant and sugary scent that feels like a barefoot frolic through the daisies.”

Darlin’ (floral, gourmand, girly): peach candy, sunscreen, violet, wild rose, day lilly, vanilla
“A sweet and sassy combination; sweet peach candy and sunscreen paired perfectly with creamy floral notes. As close as you can get to youth in a bottle!”

Miss Leonie's Lift (herbal, citrus): bergamot, pink peppercorn, geranium, yuzu
“Stimulate your spirit with this shining union of fragrant bergamot, soothing geranium, pink peppercorn, and exotic yuzu fruit.”

Charlotte Sunshine (gourmand, floral, citrus): lemon wedges, tea, sugar, gardenia blossoms, gardenia tree leaves
“Nothing captures the pleasures of summer like a cold glass of sweet tea with lemon and the warm, succulent scent of gardenia in the air.”

Mama Tried (floral, non-gourmand vanilla): four vanillas, blended whisky, gardenia, honeysuckle
“For the one and only rebel child, this adventurous combination of whisky, french vanilla, honeysuckle, and gardenia is anything but meek and mild.”

West Memphis Sweater Weather (gourmand): white chocolate, coffee, whipped cream, toasted bread, french vanilla, wood, amber

“Fog rolling in over a Smoky Mountain cabin calls for a lazy morning with a sweet, creamy white chocolate mocha and your favorite fuzzy sweater.”

Baby Cakes (floral, gourmand): orange blossom accord, buttercream icing, vanilla cake, bergamot, birthday candles
“Grandma used to make vanilla layer cake with orange blossom icing for all of my birthdays in Charleston. She always served it with Earl Grey tea. I created this fragrance as a birthday gift to myself this year, to remind me of her.”

Kentucky Harvest (earthy): fall leaves, red apple, pear, cedar wood, dirt
“Nothing says fall like a stroll through the orchard, letting the scents of the trees and cold earth envelop you, while ripe apples and pears fulfill promises of sweetness to come.”

Happy Challah-days (gourmand, oriental): fresh baked bread, wildflower honey, poppyseeds, butter, tonka bean, amber
“There’s nothing quite like fresh baked Challah bread slathered in soft honey butter to warm up a cold day. This scent evokes both the delicious snack and the comforting scent of grandma's oriental perfume, which lingers throughout her entire house.”

The Lady is a Tramp (dark vanilla floral): dark Mexican vanilla, barrel aged bourbon, tonka bean absolute, warm amber, sweet pipe tobacco, mahogany, and gardenia.
"The Lady is a Tramp is a sexy, sultry, slightly rugged vanilla scent with a trace of flirty, feminine gardenia. It smells like a mysterious woman just walked by a group of handsome men in an upscale lounge."

Abuela's Holiday Kitchen: (Notes: Dark chocolate, cinnamon, chili powder, black coffee, bread, brown sugar, amber, black musk. ) Abuela's kitchen on Christmas eve always smells like spicy Mexican hot chocolate for the kids, steamy black coffee for the grownups, and rosca de reyes, a traditional holiday sweet bread. This fragrance is sure to keep you smelling warm and sweet, with a nice little spicy kick!

Winter Mint Dreams: (Notes: peppermint, snow, sugar, cedar, winter ozone.) The sweet scent of puffy peppermint candy with wisps of cold winter air and frosty snow. This one is definitely a peppermint candy scent, but it's not a true gourmand. The atmospheric outdoorsy winter notes balance it and prevent it from being too sweet. A definite unique addition to anyone's peppermint fragrance collection!


Rugged Scents:


Captain Flint (cologne, woodsy, aquatic): cigar shop, paper, oakmoss, sea salt, rum
“Take the wheel with this bold and stately blend of sweet tobacco, rich oakmoss, old maps, and sea spray.”

Old Nashville Cowboys (earthy): leather, hay bales, campfires, sassafras
“Where are the cowboys and the home on the range? Bring them back with the rugged scent of leather, campfires, and adventure.”

Cuthulu in Carolina (dark aquatic): Seawater, wet sand, ancient books.
“Heed the call and unleash the Deep Ones, y’all. A dark and all-powerful fragrance.”


Hamilton By SoCo:


Helpless: In which Elizabeth Schuyler falls instantly in love with Alexander Hamilton at a winter’s ball. The scent of a high-class party: tea cakes, champagne, floral arrangements, and fresh peaches imported from Georgia.

You’ll Be Back: In which King George reminds the colonists that he is still their leader, and attempts to quell the stirrings of rebellion. The scent of chests of tea hurled into the ocean at night.

Three Fundamental Truths: In which Angelica Schuyler admits that she too is in love with Hamilton, but can’t marry a poor soldier and so introduces him to her sister Eliza, sealing her own fate to never be satisfied. The bitter lime scent of loss drowned in blackberries, cream, and bourbon cocktails.

Gardens You Will Never See: In which Hamilton looks back upon his legacy as he lays dying after a fatal duel with none other than Aaron Burr. The scent of the victorian gardens surrounding the Washington Monument; the legacy Hamilton will never live to see.

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