A cruelty free and vegan fragrance line for the discerning adventurer. 5% of all profits go to charity.

pretty perfume

Coat of Many Colors cruelty-free fragrance. Apricot, osmanthus, white chocolate, coffee, whipped cream, bread, vanilla, wood, amber

$ 19.00

Coat of Many Colors: What to wear when you love West Memphis Sweater Weather but want something a little brighter? This beautiful apricot scent! Imagine drinking a white mocha and eating toast with homemade apricot jam on the porch of a cozy cabin surrounded by changing trees on a crisp morning.

Notes: fresh apricot jam, osmanthus flowers, white chocolate, coffee, whipped cream, toasted bread, french vanilla, wood, amber.

Pretty Perfume Oil (10ml): It’s a roll-on fragrance oil to make you smell glorious. Need we say more?

Ingredients: rice bran oil, fragrance oil.

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