A cruelty free and vegan fragrance line for the discerning adventurer. 5% of all profits go to charity.

cruelty free beard oil

Gourmet Grooming Beard Set. One 2oz Burly Beard Oil, 2oz Moustache and Elbow Grease balm, 10ml Roll-on Rugged Fragrance.

$ 35.00

Rugged vegan men's gift set!

  • Contains a 2oz Burly Beard Oil
  • 2oz Moustache and Elbow Grease balm
  • 10ml Roll-on Rugged Fragrance.
  • You pick the scent!
  • A $41 value!

Fragrance options: 

Captain Flint (cologne, woodsy, aquatic): cigar shop, paper, oakmoss, sea salt, rum
“Take the wheel with this bold and stately blend of sweet tobacco, rich oakmoss, old maps, and sea spray.”

Old Nashville Cowboys (earthy): leather, hay bales, campfires, sassafras
“Where are the cowboys and the home on the range? Bring them back with the rugged scent of leather, campfires, and adventure.”

Cuthulu in Carolina (dark aquatic): Seawater, wet sand, ancient books.
“Heed the call and unleash the Deep Ones, y’all. A dark and all-powerful fragrance.”

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