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SoCo By The Sea sample pack! All 5 2ml spring samples!

SoCo By The Sea sample pack! All 5 2ml spring samples!

$ 18.00

All five 2ml SoCo by the Sea samples!

The scents: 

Beach Peach: (Notes: fresh ocean breezes and fresh juicy Georgia peaches, with a touch of candied peach skin) Nothing spells summer like seaside vacations and juicy Georgia peaches. This scent is a perfect blend of delicious and atmospheric; not too sweet, but not too aquatic. Perfect for peach lovers and anyone looking for a realistic, but pretty, ocean note.

Seaside Citrus: (Notes: crisp ocean breezes and exotic citrus. Yuzu, ruby red grapefruit, candied lime, combava peel, blood orange, and mandarinFresh citrus and seaside breezes are a match made in heaven! This scent is truly unisex with a variety of bright, fresh citrus notes with just a touch of sweetness, balanced with the clean, atmospheric scent of warm salty air. So refreshing!

Candy Cove: ( Notes: sweet ocean breezes, blue and pink cotton candy, vanilla saltwater taffy, and juicy red candy apples) Imagine walking down the boardwalk on a warm, sunny day, smelling the sweet scents coming from your favorite candy shoppe... that's where Candy Cove will take you! This scent is primarily delicious candy notes, but the sweetness is perfectly balanced by the realistic aquatics. Perfect for candy lovers who want something wearable and adult, but still sugary and delicious! 

Driftwood: (Notes: ark ocean breezes, mahogany, cedar, and a touch of pine) What would a sexy, sexy merman smell like? Probably this atmospheric unisex-to-rugged blend of dark ocean waters and sun-dried wood! This scent is atmospheric and aquatic, but grounded perfectly with the rich wood notes. So much more than the sum of its parts, this scent is rich, dimensional, and very sexy. Perfect for mermen or any merperson who loves a more woodsy, deep fragrance. 

Sea Berry: (Notes: warm ocean breezes, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry) What's more refreshing than eating fresh, juicy, ripe mixed berries on the porch of a beautiful beach house? This fragrance is the next best thing. Sweet, juicy, aquatic... this scent is so fresh, light, and beautiful, just like a bowl of ripe berries by the sea! 


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