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Hamilton broadway

The Ten Duel Commandments SAMPLE SIZE. All 10 Hamilton 2ml fragrance samples! For the serious Hamilton fan!

$ 35.00

All ten 2ml fragrance samples based on the Broadway play Hamilton: An American Musical.

This listing is for ten 2ml samples. All fragrances are also available in the full size 10 ml Ten Duel Commandments set, and individually in both sized.

Just You Wait: In which we meet Alexander Hamilton; the bastard, orphan, immigrant, son of a whore who grows up to be the ten dollar founding father and is shot dead by his first friend. The scent of limes and dry tobacco from his childhood on St Croix, the sea spray of his passage to America, the thousands of pages he wrote in his lifetime, the gunpowder of both the revolution and his demise, and the last drops of his blood spilled in a fateful duel.

Helpless: In which Elizabeth Schuyler falls instantly in love with Alexander Hamilton at a winter’s ball. The scent of a high-class party: tea cakes, champagne, floral arrangements, and fresh peaches imported from Georgia.

Three Fundamental Truths: In which Angelica Schuyler admits that she too is in love with Hamilton, but can’t marry a poor soldier and so introduces him to her sister Eliza, sealing her own fate to never be satisfied. The bitter lime scent of loss drowned in blackberries, cream, and bourbon cocktails.

You’ll Be Back: In which King George reminds the colonists that he is still their leader, and attempts to quell the stirrings of rebellion. The scent of chests of tea hurled into the ocean at night.

Guns and Ships: In which the French aid in the rebellion and Alexander is called upon to lead. The scent of wooden battleships, sea spray, cannons, and musket fire.

Wait For It: In which Aaron Burr defends his political and social motives, and laments Hamilton’s success. The scent of fine cologne and desperation.

Burn: In which Eliza Hamilton learns of Alexander’s affair and burns his love letters. The scent of aging roses, tears, and burning paper.

Stay Alive: In which Alexander and Eliza’s son Phillip is killed in a duel over his father’s good name. The scent of gunpowder, blood, tears, and Eliza’s violet scented handkerchief.

The Room Where it Happens: In which deals are made in secret between Hamilton and Jefferson, and Aaron Burr is not invited, much to his indignation. The scent of sumptuous private studies full of leather-bound books, cigars, and fine whiskey.

Gardens You Will Never See: In which Hamilton looks back upon his legacy as he lays dying after a fatal duel with none other than Aaron Burr. The scent of the victorian gardens surrounding the Washington Monument; the legacy Hamilton will never live to see.

Ingredients: rice bran oil, fragrance oil.

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