A cruelty free and vegan fragrance line for the discerning adventurer. 5% of all profits go to charity.

SoCo fragrance

Your very own custom vegan cruelty free fragrance! Can be made into a roll-on fragrance oil, body butter, lotion, sugar scrub, beard oil, or beard balm!

$ 30.00

Custom made fragrance!

Have you ever wished you had your very own signature scent? This is your chance! We can work together to find a scent that suits you to a T by picking and choosing from the hundreds of high quality synthetic and natural fragrance notes in our inventory. Once your perfect fragrance is crafted, it can be made into a roll-on oil, a solid perfume, a body balm, a beard oil, or a mustache wax. The $30 charge covers the cost of crafting the fragrance and your choice of any one of the above items. Shipping is added because, well, we will be shipping you something at the end of the process! And of course, we will keep a detailed record of your scent, so you can reorder any time!

After checkout, we will send you a message ASAP so we can get started on our collaborative fragrance adventure!

Note: custom fragrances take significantly longer than the listed turnaround time.

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