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Yule Capsule : Isolde : 10ml Roll On

Yule Capsule : Isolde : 10ml Roll On

$ 20.00

Isolde, the boldest of the trio and the hardest to pin down.  After a shift at the tattoo parlor, she makes her way through the snowy forest to the celebration, sucking hard candy all the way.  Her drink of choice is a rum and coke and she's the first to raise it in toast to her beloved friends.  Isolde is a couch surfer, a nomad - the kind of girl who raids your medicine cabinet and uses your deodorant.  Her flare is matched only by her ferocity - challenge the happiness of Josette or Louisa and you'll see the dark side of this untamed enchanter.  


Notes: rum and coke, green soap, musk, hard candies, pink peppercorn


Pretty Perfume Oil Ingredients: rice bran oil, fragrance oil.


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