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Yule Capsule : Josette : 10ml Roll On

Yule Capsule : Josette : 10ml Roll On

$ 20.00


Josette thrives as a host.  By the time the guests have arrived, the warm kitchen has cooled and she's in her sweater with a hot buttered rum, but there is still flour on her nose.  Her house smells like home.  There are always fresh cardamom cookies and though she'll tuck her precious bound collections of recipes away after the gathering, it seems like every available surface is covered with one of her homemade delights or an open page listing the magic that made them happen.   Josette is the friend who anchors you, who warms you and who empowers you to be bold just by being her own quiet confident self.  Among friends, she pours heavy and laughs unreservedly. 



Notes: hot buttered rum, cardamom, cookbook pages, baked cookies, old oak kitchen


Pretty Perfume Oil Ingredients: rice bran oil, fragrance oil.


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